Audio from the Talk
Many of you asked for a recording of the talk to share with friends, and we are happy to be able to provide that for you. It can be listened to online by clicking here. To download an MP3 version of the talk, right click here, and select ‘Save file/link as.’


If you have recently visited the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History you will find that its entire exhibition assumes one central truth…Naturalism. From the “Hall of Human Origins” to videos relating humanity’s ancestry connection to ants or the distant relative that is none other than a rat, the entire building leaves every visitor to understand Naturalism is the conclusive worldview. This assumption finds itself welcomed in university halls and increasingly many people in the western world.

But can Naturalism answer the most basic and fundamental questions of life? Is science and religion in opposition as Naturalism assumes?

Join us Friday, May 4th at 7 PM  as we explore these challenging questions through short lecture followed by an open-forum Q&A session.

What to Expect:  This is an event for anyone who wants to better understand the claims of Naturalism and honestly examine them alongside the views of Christianity.  No question is off limits as long as it is honest and authentic.  No one will be pressured to respond in any way – you can just come and listen to the interchange of ideas. In other words, don’t worry, just come and enjoy.

About the Speaker 

Dr. Bruce Little, author, professor of Philosophy, and President of ‘Forum for Christian Thought‘ travels the world speaking at conferences, teaching in universities, and delivering guest lectures.  He lectures on a variety of subjects within the broad range of philosophy and philosophy of religion presenting a Christian worldview in all matters of life.  He seeks to encourage meaningful dialogue regarding the searching questions of life and to help bring theology to bear upon contemporary cultural issues.

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