Sunday’s church gathering and evening members’ meeting are both cancelled.

With feet (not inches!) of snow on the ground and Metro shutdown, it looks like this storm may keep us inside. But that will not prevent us from worshipping the Risen Savior.

“Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.” (Isaiah 1:18)

Below is a suggested way to worship the Lord on Sunday morning. Whether you are holed up by yourself, or have roommates, a family, or are within a safe walking distance of other Christians plan for a time of prayer, singing, and discussing Scripture.

  • Read Psalm 100
  • Sing a few songs (YouTube Playlist)
  • Spend some time in prayer (Suggested prayer points below)
  • Read a portion of Scripture and discuss it together (e.g. Psalm 100 or Ephesians 2 or Colossian 3)
    • What does this passage tell you about the character of God?
    • What does this passage tell you about us?
    • How does this passage point to person and/or work of Jesus?
    • What does it look like to apply this passage to your life?
  • And/Or have each person share a portion of Scripture that has been particularly encouraging to them recently
  • Pray and sing some more and enjoy the Lord’s fellowship

May this Sabbath snow-in be a time of creating memories for us all.


Praise God for

  • His character
  • His Word that reveals himself to us
  • His grace to Restoration Church in providing for us financially
  • The gospel unity in our church body

Confession of Sin & Assurance of Forgiveness

  • Ask God to reveal any unknown sin to you (Ps 19:13-14)
  • Ask God to help you hate sin as he hates sin (Ps. 97:10)
  • Confess any known sins to God
  • Praise God for the hope of the gospel (Eph 1:18)
  • Rest in the grace of Christ that was lavished upon us (Eph 1:7-8)
  • Draw near to God as your Father in heaven
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to enjoy Christ as your supreme treasure

Pray for

  • God to save at least 7 people through the ministry of Restoration in 2016
  • A visa to be granted so the Molero family can move here and plant a Hispanic church
  • Our friends laboring for the gospel among the unreached in the Middle East
  • Our brothers and sisters in North Korea, China, Iran and Iraq facing persecution
  • Wisdom for government officials and safety for first responders in this blizzard
  • Every member of Restoration to love God supremely and neighbor sacrificially (get the directory and pray for 3 members)

Holy God, Father, Son, and Spirit we rejoice in your glorious grace this morning. You have blessed us in Christ Jesus and lavished your grace upon us. You have sealed us with the Holy Spirit keeping us as your beloved children until we see you face to face. We testify to your greatness and bless your holy name.

We praise you that because of Jesus you do not deal us according to our sin, nor repay us according to our iniquities. For as high as the heavens are above the earth so great is your steadfast love toward us; as far as the east is from the west, so far do you remove our transgressions from us. As a father shows compassion to his children, so you, our Father in heaven, show compassion to us.

Lord, we pray for our brothers and sisters around the world facing persecution. We pray for the 50,000+ Christians suffering from torture in North Korean labor camps. Lord, open Kim Jong-un’s eyes to the surpassing glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Give our Korean brothers and sisters boldness, especially those who are afraid to tell their own spouses and children about their faith in Christ.

Father, we also pray for our own nation. We pray for an end to any hint of racism. Lord, would this country be a place where all people, no matter ethnicity, no matter gender, no matter age, are treated with dignity and value and worth. Bring and end to police brutality. Bring an end to attacks on police. Bring an end to the oppression of undocumented immigrants. Bring an end to abortion. Bring an end to human sex-slave trafficking.

Father, we pray for those here this morning who have been personally affected by racism; those who have been physically or sexually abused; those who have been taken advantage of in some way, especially by the abuse of power over them. We pray for any one here this morning who had an abortion. By the power of your Holy Spirit, through the glorious news of he gospel that washes us clean and brings us back to you, our hope, our refuge, our rock, minister to those hurting among us this morning. Father, cause this church, Restoration Church to be a place of for rest for the hopeless, a place of healing for the hurting, a place where the glorious gospel of grace causes us to love and serve one another with kindness, compassion, and tenderheartedness.

No fear can hold us down Nor darkness steal our joy

For blood has been poured out The enemy destroyed

Death could not hold Him down The cross was not enough

To steal away His love For He is God

Oh, how we glory in the cross of Christ and rejoice in the everlasting, unending, always and forever love of God show to us in a bloody cross and empty tomb.

We pray this gospel message goes forth among the Behdini Kurds. We pray this gospel message takes root in the schemes in Scotland. We pray this gospel message goes forth to Haitian pastors who in turn shepherd their people in the gospel. We pray this gospel message goes forth through a church plant in Columbia Heights that ministers to Spanish speakers. We pray this gospel message is proclaimed and shared and discussed in our own lives; give us the grace and boldness to tell our friends, neighbors, co-workers about the good news of the gospel and the joy found in Jesus.

Father, we thank you for our brother Nathan as he labors week after week to study your word and faithfully preach it to us. Give him grace this morning as he does this yet again. Holy Spirit cause him to worship you as he preaches; use him to extol the excellencies and wonders of you, our great triune God. We praise you for each of the elders and the unique gifts you have given them to serve and care for and shepherd our church body. We praise you for the “every member ministry” of this church, and the many ways the church body serves one another. We praise you for the birth of Parker. Grant Jake and Jamie much grace these early days of parenting. Cause them to wonder at how amazingly great you are God. We rejoice in the numerous ways your working in our church body. Draw our eyes up toward Christ that we might continue to gaze on his beauty. We pray all of this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Mighty God, we come to you this morning. And we worship you in all your splendor. Father, Son and Spirit perfect in holiness, gracious in redemption, sovereign, unchangeable, justice, righteous and good. We worship you. Father, we praise you for adopting us as your sons and daughters. Jesus, we praise you for your sin-atoning death and glorious resurrection. Holy Spirit, we praise you for sealing us and keeping us secure in Christ Jesus. You, Lord, are good; your steadfast love endures forever and your faithfulness to all generations.

We pray for those here this morning with a heavy heart, those struggling with trials and unfavorable circumstances. Remind them of your compassion and love this morning. We pray for those here this morning who are battling to find joy in Christ, who in this season find you dull and boring. For the sake of your name, fill them afresh with your Holy Spirit and open their eyes that they might behold the beauty of Christ and be satisfied. We pray for those here this morning that are encouraged and walking faithfully with Jesus. Spur them on all the more and cause your word to be all the more captivating to them. Father, for the glory of your name and the good of Restoration Church, use all of us to speak gospel truth into each other’s lives. Give us the grace to continue to live interconnected, interdependent lives that magnify Jesus. We praise you for the numerous ways this happens each week. We also praise you for the financial generosity of our church. Thank you that our members give generously to support the gospel ministry of our church. Continue to conform us to the image of Jesus all the more.

We pray for our enemies this morning. We pray for those who desire to harm and murder your image bearers. Bring the leaders of ISIS and Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda to faith in Jesus. If your grace and mercy saved us, it can save them. For the glory of your name, richly pour out your saving grace on Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Ahmed Direye. Bring Ibrahim al-Asiri and Abu Omar al-Shishani to repentance and faith in Jesus. In your sovereign grace, use these men to not harm people, but to bring about their good. However, you choose to work Lord, restrain the evil these groups are able to bring about.

Father, we thank you that we live in a land of peace. We thank you for a government that is orderly. And we pray for our government officials. Give President Obama wisdom and a sense of justice to rule in such a way that brings about flourishing for all your image bearers. We pray for federal and state and locally elected officials; direct and prosper all their dealings, to the advancement of your glory, the good of your Church, the safety, honor, and welfare of all people. Father, we pray specifically that you would give our leaders divine wisdom regarding the issues of immigration, gun control and abortion. Help them use their power not to accomplish personal agendas, but to serve all your people, to protect all your image bearers, even those in the womb or those from another country. Lord give us all wisdom as we seek to live in a broken world filled with turmoil. We praise you that our ultimate hope is not in our government or any other nation, but in Christ Jesus. Come, Lord, Jesus come, we pray.

We pray this morning for the students and teachers as they ready themselves for another semester. Help students and teachers alike use their time and resources to honor you. Give all our students the capacity to learn, to honor you with their mind and get the best God-honoring grades they can. Give all the teachers among us the perseverance and humility to faithfully serve their students day after day. We pray for this school, for Woodrow Wilson High School. We pray for Principal Kimberly J. Martin. Give her much grace and wisdom as she leads this school.

Father, we’re so thankful that we’re not the only church laboring for your gospel here in this city. We praise you for Washington International Church and All Nations DC and Capitol Hill Baptist. Use them Lord to make much of Christ. We praise you for churches around this nation faithfully proclaiming Christ Jesus. Continue to use our mother church, North Wake, and our sister churches, Oaks Church Raleigh and Exchange Church and Covenant Life Church in Tampa, to make much of Christ Jesus.

Lord, we praise you for the many ways the gospel is advancing around the world. Raise up believers among the Behdini Kurds. Save people from the unreached Rakhine people of Burma and the Malay people of South Africa. For the hallowing of your name, save people from all tribes, tongues and nations.

Holy God, we’re so thankful and praise you that there is salvation and satisfaction in Christ Jesus. We praise you because we ourselves are the foremost of sinners. We confess that we often think we’re better than others; that somehow our goodness is what saves us. Forgive us, Lord. We confess that we lie to make ourselves look better; we self-righteously compare to justify our behavior; we gossip and slander and withhold forgiveness. Forgive us, Lord. We praise you that there is now no condemnation for those in trusting in Christ Jesus. We thank you that we are not just pardoned criminals, but your precious children. We praise you that in Christ, you’re not just our distant judge but our devoted Father. We praise you that we are saved according to the riches of your grace lavished upon us in Christ Jesus, who lived, died and rose again that we might have forgiveness and the fullness of joy forevermore. It’s in his name we pray. Amen.

Father, we gather here this morning in the name of Jesus Christ. We gather to hallow your great and glorious name. You, O Lord, are faithful never forgetting your promises, never forsaking your people. We come this morning to behold the wondrous mystery of the gospel and bless your holy name. We come to behold a rugged cross; we come to behold an empty tomb and we rejoice that Satan is defeated, sin is conquered and death is swallowed up in victory.

Holy triune God – Father, Son and Spirit – at the beginning of this year when we are filled with resolutions and plans and goals, remind us of your unwavering resolve to keep your people from stumbling and to present us blameless before the presence of your glory with great joy, according to your plan all the glory of your name. Holy Spirit, fill us afresh this morning that we might resolve to follow and trust and treasure Christ as you work in us. Cause our resolutions and plans and goals to be Christ-centered, gospel-advancing, and building up to the body of Christ.

We praise you for other churches that have been faithfully laboring for the gospel in our city. We praise you for the saints at Capital Hill Baptist and our brothers and sisters at Grace DC. Encourage them this morning with your word. We thank you for the gospel labors of Christ our Shepherd and Church of the Resurrection. Shape these congregations to increasingly reflect Christ this year. For the newer churches like Pillar DC and Redeemer City and Grace Capitol City and Waterfront Church, grant them perseverance and favor to see and savor Christ Jesus as they make disciples that make disciples. We pray for NAMB and praise you for the many ways they invest to facilitate church planting in North America.

We praise you Lord for the many ways the gospel is advancing in and through our own church. Yes, Lord, we praise for you the gospel unity of our church, and the ways you’re using this church to proclaim the excellencies of Christ. For your namesake, O Lord, use our ministry at Friendship Terrace to exalt Christ. Use American Friends to see people come to faith in Jesus. Use every member of Restoration to zealously and boldly make disciples that delight in Jesus. This year, Lord, give us a deep thirst to drink from your word, to sing your praises, to intentionally invest in others that Christ might be formed in them.

We pray for Restoration Kids, Lord. Oh, how we praise you for this growing ministry. Thank you for the opportunity to disciple so many young children. Thank you for working in the hearts of so many members to actively be a part of teaching these young ones. Holy Spirit, as they learn about Christ right now, do what only you can do – open eyes to behold the glorious hope of Jesus.

Father, we praise you for the selfless service of our Community Group leaders. As we start another year, give these men and women grace to joyfully serve the church body in so many ways, seen and unseen. We pray your grace upon Nathan & Andi, Haigh & Laura, David & Melinda, Kyle & Nicolette, Mike & Liz, Berkley & Megan, Deholo & Madeliene, David & Jodie, Misael & Brandi, Hector & Kathryn, myself and Page. We also pray for extra measures of grace upon those who host: Laura Wolz, Ryan & Sarah, Chris & Tessa, Will & Lauren. And we pray for those who will be leaders and hosts. For the glory of your name, Lord, and for the good of your people, use our Community Groups as a place where we build each other up into Christ-like maturity, mutually care for each other, and send each other out on mission.

We also pray for our dear brother and sister laboring among the Kurds. We praise you that their city continues to be safe and a place of refuge. Help them to continue learning the language. Give them grace in their parenting and patience with each other. As they learn the language and meet others in their city, bring people to faith in Jesus. Raise up disciples and pastors and healthy churches among the Kurds we pray.

Sovereign Lord, this year we’re asking you to bring at least 7 people to faith in Christ through our direct ministry. Yes, Lord, we plead with you to hallow your name by using the gospel proclamation of our people to bring eternal life to at least 7 people who have not yet trusted Christ Jesus. We also ask that you would work so that our visa petition for the Molero family would be granted by March. Bring Alejandro and his family to DC by this summer to that we might begin actively working on planting a Spanish-speaking church in Columbia Heights for the fame of Christ Jesus. You are sovereign Lord, and you are able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or think according to the power at work in us so that you might receive glory in the church and in Christ Jesus.

Hallow your name in us and through us this year Lord. And to your name be all glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen.

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Magnificent God and Father, we greet you this morning with glad, yet some of us, troubled hearts. We recognize you as the Supreme Being. The Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last. The Author of all good things. The Maker and Sustainer of the Universe, the One for Whom All things must answer to. You, God, are the Greatest of all Realities…nothing finds its meaning without you. We praise you for all that you have been and will be for us in Jesus.

We pray with heavy hearts. Some of us pray Believing, yet we need help in our Unbelief.

Some of us pray in glad hearted praise and some of us pray in poor hearted anguish.

Some of us pray wondering if you are real and some of us pray having been leveled this week by your presence and all encompassing reality.

If we were to search for Love, Hope, Peace, and Kindness, Safety and Security…where would we go? To WHOM would we go? There is no field, no fortune, and no figure that we can confidently approach and find these things but in you.

So, some with trembling knees and some with guilt ridden consciences and some with peace filled hearts we enter the veil, this morning. Oh how good it is to know that inside this veil, we are welcomed by you God, because we come pleading the Blood of Christ. He alone is what makes it possible to be heard…so hear us, we pray Lord…hear us as we sit at your feet…pleading!

Pleading forgiveness from our sins. Would you forgive us Lord for our prayerlessness this past week? We wake up and hurry about our days hardly taking any notice of you. We give ourselves to accomplishing tasks without hardly taking any mind of you. We claim to be in Christ and yet we hardly even speak to You…and yet we are quick to speak to a thousand lesser loves in a given day. We would rather play games or suffer the news on our phones riding to work than we would to pray. We would rather listen to music at the conclusion of our days than we would like to sit in silent reflection on the innumerable ways your mercies met us.

If some of us were being honest, I’m sure that we might confess to you that the reason we don’t pray is because it seems to accomplish very little. It is a waste of time…a rude, obligatory task that is akin to cleaning the dishes or taking out the trash. Oh, Lord, how much does our prayerlessness reveal about our hearts? The weight is to heavy to consider.

We confess that we would rather watch TV than pray. We confess that we would rather sleep than pray. We confess that we would rather talk to friends than pray. Our hearts are sometimes so twisted…we would rather read the Bible to satisfy our guilty consciences than spend 10 minutes in unhindered prayer towards you. We cannot hardly remember when the last time we fasted was and we certainly cannot call to mind the last time we spent more time in praise and adoration than we did in asking you to fulfill all of our wishes.

Merciful Father…have mercy on your prayerless children…like those disciples…not only teach us how to pray…but teach us to ENJOY prayer. In the coming week, give us endurance in prayer…give 5 or 10 of us the opportunity to be refreshed by your presence in prayer. Make it 20 or 30 of us!! Oh God, we beg you…weigh heavy on our consciences this week…REMIND us, that you are no heavy handed Father…but tender hearted friend.

I ask that this church would be a church that is known for its prayer. Not just on Sunday mornings, but on Tuesday nights at CG…and in the bedrooms of those that are married before they lie down to sleep. May we pray over our meals, but may we also pray over offices, our children, and our friends who don’t yet know the glories of Christ. May we pray over the way we spend our money, and the way we spend our times of leisure.

Yes, and Lord…at the risk of sounding contradictory…would you have us to pray in such a way that is not self-seeking? Give us joy in praying for our enemies and for those that rule over us. Give us gladness in praying for things that may never affect us in the least. Remind us that our prayers should reflect Your intentions and not just our own. Remind us in our prayer lives that this world is not about us…and remind us, that the sooner we understand that, the sooner we will know what it means to live before you.

We don’t depend upon you as we ought…we confess that to you…our prayerlessness or our slowness to pray reveals our indifference towards you.

But oh the JOY it is to know…that your forgiveness is as generous as the waters of the oceans. How good it is to know that while we do not pray, you do not withhold your love for us. How good it is to know that while we seem to have so little time for you, you have a great deal of time for us. How good it is to know that your love for us is not dependant upon our love for YOU!!

How good it is to know that with you there is forgiveness…and how good it is to know that forgiveness was accomplished with the blood of your very own Son…who gave us life so that we ruined sinners might have life.

Even as I close this prayer, Lord, remind us that you will be happy to have us visit you again whenever we please. Be glorified in the prayers of your people. Be glorified in the dependance of the Saints at Restoration Church in prayer, this week. Use those prayers this week to not only sanctify us…but use them to remind us of your Infinite Goodness…of your power, and your glory. We love you God…thank you for the privilege of Prayer…receive it in the Name of your Beloved Son who ransomed us to be a people for HIS own possession. We pray in the Name of the One that made prayer possible…Christ Jesus, the Lord…our Hope…our Peace…Amen.

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