We are grateful that you are here.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve grown up in church, never been to church, or are just not sure about the church, Restoration Church is a place for you to learn, grow, and journey through life with other people.

We’re a community of deeply flawed people from a variety of backgrounds asking questions to learn about and wrestle with what it means to faithfully follow Jesus.

You’re invited to join us and we hope to see you soon!

Service Time & Location

Sundays @ 10:30 AM

Woodrow Wilson High School
3950 Chesapeake Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016


What to Expect


Worship Services

When you walk up the stairs to the atrium you’ll be met with warm smiles from others in the community. As the service starts you’ll notice our music is varied including both traditional hymns and contemporary songs.

After singing and praying together, we listen to a biblical message that shows how the Bible answers life’s greatest questions. To get a preview, listen to the latest sermon.


We desire to partner with you to raise your kids in the faith. On Sunday mornings we provide age-appropriate classes to teach your kids about God in a fun, safe, and secure environment. Visit our children’s ministry page to learn more about Restoration Kids.

Getting Connected

Here are some steps for you to get to know people and get involved with Restoration’s community. If you are still not sure what to do, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

Show Up On A Sunday Morning

Take the first step and come join us on a Sunday morning.

Visit A Community Group

Community Groups are a great place to meet new people and get connected to our church. You’re welcome to visit any group that fits your schedule.

Become A Member

Restoration Church is not simply a club to join, but a place of ministry to become a part of. Find out more about becoming a member.

Download Our App

Our mobile app provides quick access to Community Group locations, upcoming events, sermon audio, and much more. Download it to stay connected (iOS and Android).


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Restoration Church?

Restoration Church is a group of people from a variety of backgrounds and interests sharing life together. We’re people who ask questions to learn about and wrestle with what it means to faithfully follow Jesus. All in all, Restoration Church is a community of deeply flawed people finding joy and salvation in Christ.

What kind of people make up Restoration Church?

All kinds. We want Restoration Church to be a thumbprint of our community. Our diverse community is made up of people with various ages and ethnicities all coming from different socioeconomic, cultural, and spiritual backgrounds. Just as God extends his love to all peoples, we also welcome all people to check out and explore what it means to be a part of what God is doing in and through Restoration Church. Take a few minutes and read about how God has worked in the lives of some of our people.

I’m not really a “practicing Christian.” Am I welcome?

Absolutely. We welcome all people to our gatherings. We aim to be a place for those who are curious and have questions about God but have never felt welcomed in church. Perhaps you have questions about Christianity. Maybe you are skeptical about Jesus and have doubts. Maybe you even grew up going to a church, but have not been involved for various reasons. We want to be a place where you can learn about and wrestle with what it means to follow Jesus. It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out. In fact, that’s the best place to start…you’re in good company.

Do you have anything for children?

Yes, we love children! Restoration Church welcomes children of all ages. Our Worship Service has a structured time for kids in a safe and secure environment. Visit our children’s ministry page to learn more about Restoration Kids.

How can I connect with Restoration Church?

We would enjoy having you visit one of our Services or Community Groups. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and through our blog.  If you have any more questions, just contact us!