What is a Theology Intensive?

A three-hour class – involving lecture, discussion, and small-group activities – that concentrates on a particular Christian doctrine. The material focuses on learning and applying specific core doctrines to all areas of life.

What is the Goal?

Doctrine rightly understood fills the head and inflames the heart. So, the goal is not to accumulate more facts about God, but to increase our worship of God. Each Intensive aims to help you delight in Christ and equip you to make disciples.

What is Expected?

The Intensives are a “high bar” commitment with obligations before and after the class. Each Intensive has required reading to complete prior to attending (~75 pages per Intensive), and follow-up assignments in response to the meeting (e.g., short writing response and/or meeting(s) with other attendees). See each Intensive syllabus for specifics.

Who Should Attend?

Current members who have the time and interest to grow in doctrinal depth with a view toward delighting in Christ and making disciples. We ask that those who attend one Intensive complete all assignments before attending a following Intensive.

Do I Have to Attend Every Intensive Sequentially?

While we hope many will choose to attend all Intensives, it’s not required. Each Intensive is “self-contained” so you can attend as your schedule allows. We do ask that you have no outstanding assignments from a previous Intensive before starting another one.

NOTE: These classes are reserved for current covenant members. If you have questions, please .

Fall 2017 Schedule

Sunday, Sep. 24, 6-9 PM

Doctrine of Scripture
How do we know the Bible is God’s Word
that orients us to the good life?


Required Pre-Reading

-Bible Doctrine, Chatpers 2-3 (purchase)
-Desiring God, Chapter 5 (free pdf)
-“God’s Big Picture” Summary (free pdf)
-“Christ’s Unbreakable Bible” (Video)

Sunday, Oct. 22, 6-9 PM

Doctrine of God
What is God like and how does
he satisfy our souls?


Required Pre-Reading

-Bible Doctrine, Chatpers 4-6 (purchase)
Delighting in the Trinity, Chapter 1 (. for free hard copy)


Sunday, Nov. 19, 6-9 PM

Gospel: Accomplished & Applied
What is the goal of the gospel and
how does that change us?


Required Pre-Reading

-Redemption Accomplished & Applied, Part 1 (purchase)
-God is the Gospel, Intro (free pdf)
Death by Love, Chapter 5-6 (free hard copy)
-“The Highest Good of the Gospel” (Video)

Winter/Spring 2018 Schedule

Sunday, Jan. 21, 6-9 PM

Biblical Counseling
How do help others in the
sanctification process?


Required Pre-Reading

-Bible Doctrine, Chatper 23 (purchase)
-Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hand, Chapters 2, 4-6 (purchase)
-“How People Change” Summary (free pdf)

Sunday, Feb. 25, 6-9 PM

Doctrine of the Church
What is the church and what is
her mission?


Required Pre-Reading

-Bible Doctrine, Chatpers 26-28 (purchase)
The Display of God’s Glory (free pdf)
-“A Church Discipline Primer” (free pdf)
We Belong Together, chapter 4 (free pdf)
-“The Great Commission and Church Planting” (audio)

MARCH 2018
Sunday, Mar. 25, 6-9 PM

Disciplines & Discipling
How do we position ourselves to take in
and give out?


Required Pre-Reading

-Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Chapters 1-4 (purchase)
-Discipling, entire book (purchase)

APRIL 2018
Sunday, Apr. 29, 6-9 PM

Evangelism, Heaven & Hell 
How does God’s eternal glory fuel our evangelism
and complete our everlasting joy?


Required Pre-Reading

-Bible Doctrine, Chatpers 19-21, 31, 33-34 (purchase)
-God is the Gospel, Intro (free pdf)
-“Let the Nations be Glad” (free pdf)
-Evangelism and the Sovereinty of God, Chapter 3 (purchase)