Restoration Church desires to make and mature disciples of all ages. We don’t simply provide childcare so adults can attend our Sunday morning gatherings.  We teach children about Jesus Christ and how the entire Bible tells of his redeeming grace. We strive to do this in a way that is not only faithful but also fun for the kids.

Sunday Classes
Restoration Kids provides care and offers classes for children through 5th grade. The children are divided into four groups:
_____(1) Infants-Age 2
_____(2) Ages 3-5
_____(3) K-1st Grade
_____(4) 2nd-5th Grade.

In each class a short lesson is read and Bible songs sung in an age-appropriate manner to teach basic Bible stories that lead your children to a greater understanding of who God is and what God has done. With advancement in age comes advancement in structure and content of the class. Our goal is to prepare children for the transition of worshiping God in the main corporate service with their family.

We are committed to the safety of your children so all of our leaders are active members who have been carefully screened (including a background check), and proper check-in and check-out procedures are followed. For further information, read our complete Restoration Kids Policy & Overview.

Parent Resources
Restoration Kids exists to equip, support, and encourage parents to fulfill their God-given responsibility to train their children in “instruction and discipline of the Lord.”  We desire to partner with parents to impart God-centered, age-appropriate, faith-building truth from the Bible. To help us do that we make Parent Resources available for you to use at home with your children.