Membership in a local church is one of life’s most important decisions. Church membership provides the nurturing care of a congregation, and also provides a context for every member to become a mature and ministering worshiper of God.

Step 1: Introduction
Attending the “Introduction” class is the first step towards membership at Restoration Church. During this time we will help you understand the “DNA” of our Church. The environment is casual and there will be time for discussion and questions. Your attendance does not obligate you to join.

The next Membership Introduction Class is Sunday, March 04 from 1-4p.

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Step 2: Discussion
This discussion fosters community with those pursuing membership by providing the pastors an opportunity to spend time with each potential member. The conversational setting gives you an opportunity to articulate your personal faith story and it provides an outlet for any lingering questions you may have about the church.

Step 3: Covenant & Commission
Upon recommendation from the pastors, those who desire to join the church will be affirmed by the congregation and be invited to publicly affirm and sign our church covenant.  Then begins the excitement of doing life with others in the church by making disciples that delight in the supremacy of Jesus Christ.

What about Transferring Membership from Another Church?
We always make an effort to follow up with your former church in order to provide continuity of pastoral care. So if you were previously a member of another church, make sure to tell one of our pastors during your pastoral meeting. Particularly if you come to our church from a healthy church in the area, we want to know why and have an opportunity to discuss this with you and with someone in leadership at your former church.