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Why is pornography wrong? In this episode, that’s the question we begin to answer. Only after we understand why this particular sin is wrong will we be best positioned to fight against it.

Pornography is a pervasive problem. And we’re not just talking about the culture at large but also in the church, among men and women. Listen to this and the following three episodes to better understand the issue and how to fight against it.

The Gospel Accomplished & Applied: In this episode, we discuss how to apply the gospel to real life situations we face. The good news isn’t good unless it gives us hope in the midst of trials – and this is exactly what it does. Listen to learn and be encouraged.

The Gospel Accomplished & Applied: In this episode, we discuss various principles to think through when trying to apply the various aspects of the gospel to everyday life.

The Gospel Accomplished & Applied: In this episode, we discuss how the gospel is more than “Jesus died for your sins.” Understanding the various aspects of the gospel will help you apply this good news to your life and help others live in light of gospel hope.

The Gospel Accomplished & Applied: In this episode, we briefly define the gospel and discuss the importance of clearly and concisely articulating this good news to Christians and non-Christians alike.

Listen as Nathan talks to Katie, a sister from CHBC who has been a part of Campus Outreach and soon takes off for the unreached.

Mel sits down to talk with our deaconesses of finance, Laura. Listen in and learn more about her life, how she came to faith, what she enjoys doing, etc. As our church grows and changes, we hope these “Get to Know…” podcasts will serve as a way for your to learn more about fellow church members.

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