I began to feel strangely unsettled at the thought of living a comfortable life in a big city.

*I first came to Washington, DC for school. It was during my first year of college that the Holy Spirit freshly convicted me of my sin in 2007. By his Spirit, God revealed and continues to reveal to me the depth of my own sin in light of his holiness. By his grace, this conviction led to an ever-growing understanding and love for the cross of Christ and joy that is to be found in the sinless savior’s resurrection from death. The lies, the defeat, the guilt, the bondage, and the death that sin offers me were defeated by Christ’s death and resurrection!

This Great News led me to Restoration Church. I was hungry for biblical teaching and Gospel-centered community, and in the context of Restoration, I developed a love for the local church. Having studied International Affairs in DC, I planned to use my education, gifts, and my work experience to find a job in Washington and live and grow in this Christ-centered community. The Lord, however, was preparing me for other things.

Through various circumstances, he made it clear that I was not called to stay in Washington. I began to feel strangely unsettled at the thought of living a comfortable life in a big city. I wrestled with what it would look like for me—a single, 23 year old male growing in the context of a healthy Church community—to live as a faithful Christian with a nine-to-five job. I found myself asking such questions as, “What’s next?” and “Is this it?” I could not reconcile the ways in which the Lord had grown me over the previous four and a half years with the life I planned to pursue by my own abilities. If Christ was who he said he was, and if he truly arose from the dead on the third day, and there are millions of people worldwide who have not had the opportunity to hear of this Good News, then how can I faithfully live this comfortable life?

I have now been sent by Restoration Church to bring the gospel to an unreached people group.

I am stricken by the ways the Lord used my education, work experience, one-on-one discipleship relationships, and Restoration Church to equip me to help spread the glorious news of Christ to this people—something I never thought in my wildest dreams I would do. I am continuing to learn that living in resignation to the will of God is the most joyful and comforting place to be, despite the worldly cost. By God’s grace, I look forward to taking the healthy teaching I have received at Restoration and the encouragement of the community with me to help plant God-glorifying, Christ-exulting churches abroad!”

*Name changed for security purposes*

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