Restoration helped me rebuild my faith, which has been one of the most liberating experiences in my life.

Whenever people ask me about my spiritual journey, I usually say that I’m not a PK (Preacher’s Kid) but I might as well be. My family has always been extremely active in church for as long as I can remember, and for many years, I believed that sitting in the pew was what made me a Christian.

By the time I reached high school, the first inklings of doubt began to creep into my psyche, and I wondered if there was any real truth to the whole “Christian” thing. When I went away to college I ultimately decided that Christianity was not for me. After all, it was restrictive, it was hypocritical, it was racist, it was all a lie–at least that’s what I thought. I relished in my new-found freedom. However, once the “high” of living for myself wore off, I was left with an emptiness that was hard to shake.

During my junior year of college, I went back to church to find some answers. A woman at the church I was attending explained to me that salvation was not just about going to church. It was about having a relationship with Jesus Christ. That was when I decided to embrace Christianity for myself, to acknowledge my need for a Savior and to accept God’s love for me. From that moment, I developed a deep passion for God and began to put Christ at the center of everything.

During that time I also realized that I had a love for filmmaking, and began exploring the idea of being a light within the film industry. It seemed like everything in my life was coming together both spiritually and professionally. However, after many years, my faith became more about how many material possessions I could acquire, and less about Christ. Eventually, the fervor that I once had began to unravel. When I wasn’t being blessed in the expected ways, I began to question everything I knew about God, faith, and the church.

By the time I moved to Washington, DC in 2010, I was at a loss spiritually and felt as though I was going through another crisis of faith. I found Restoration Church through a Google search, and I have been attending every since. Restoration Church has helped me delight in God’s word once again. The strong emphasis on the gospel was just what I needed to help me remember that my salvation is not based on works, but on pure faith and God’s grace. I also developed strong relationships with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Through community group and discipleship, I was able to live out what it means to be part of the family of God, in all ages, races, and phases of life.

Restoration helped me rebuild my faith, which has been one of the most liberating experiences in my life. Now I feel free to question, to doubt, to be angry, to be fearful–to be human, but still believe. I have also re-focused my views on how Christ can be glorified in the world at large. I am now at seminary to pursuing a degree in Theology and Film. I believe that my past experiences with God and the church are just part of a bigger story that God is telling to help draw people to Him. It is humbling to know that through all the phases of my life, God still loved me and was reaching out for me, and that is a message I look forward to putting on the big screen.

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