Though only a few degrees removed from each other for several years in suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, the Craft’s and Knight’s became the best of friends in 2007 as they shared life together as members of North Wake Church in Wake Forest, NC.  Both families moved to the Wake Forest area for the purpose of attending seminary with hopes of being equipped to plant and lead a local church.  As our families walked alongside one another in the small group ministry at North Wake, Joey and Nathan entered the elder residency and church planting internship under the leadership of the elders at North Wake.  Through the direction of the Spirit and the counsel of church leaders and friends, we decided to join together for the purpose of planting Restoration Church.

In the summer of 2009 our families relocated from North Carolina to northwest Washington, DC.  Once landing in the city we began the lifelong process of learning the culture of our city and getting to know the people within our city.  Though we did not know anyone when we first arrived, God allowed us to we quickly begin meeting people from all walks of life – some would hear the gospel for the first time, others would become persons of peace, and yet others were already prayerfully looking for a church.  From the earliest days, it was evident God was already at work and we had the privilege of joining what he was already doing.

On October 4, 2009 we started a Sunday evening book study in the Knight’s apartment.  For six weeks we worked through Tim Keller’s Prodigal God.  In addition to the Craft’s and Knight’s, 8 people attend the first meeting. With each passing week, that number steadily grew.  During this time, we also began gathering weekly in community groups seeking to bridge what we learn (knowledge) to the way in which we live our lives (transformation).

After the book study, we traced the storyline of the Bible in two weeks, and then had facilitated bible studies on Galatians and Colossians.  From there we worked through a five-week series called “What is a Healthy…?” in which we explained what a church is and what makes a church healthy.  At the conclusion of this series, on March 28, 2010 17 people covenanted together to officially birth Restoration Church.

Having grown out of the Knight’s apartment we moved into the Wisconsin Place Community Center for six months. Since then we have made a couple of moves between various church buildings in Northwest DC before landing in our current location, Woodrow Wilson High School.

As God builds his church here in northwest DC, our membership continues to grow, as does the number of community groups.  By God’s grace, we are seeing lives changed and the name of Christ exalted as we strive to faithfully live out the gospel with one another, as well as among those with physical and spiritual needs, both locally and globally.

Although brief, our story has been rich in the grace, providence, and kindness of God.  We are confident that greater things are to come for northwest DC, and are humbled that God would work through us in our city.  We invite you to pray for us and join with us as we delight in the supremacy of Jesus Christ among the nations for the glory of God.