Restoration Church is a small chapter in a larger story – the story of Jesus Christ laying down His life & taking it up again so that all nations might delight in Him to the glory of God the Father.


Restoration Church joyfully obeys the command to make and mature disciples of all peoples through our giving and our going, while not neglecting the ultimate goal.

We strategically invest at least 10% of our budget in the spread of the gospel to the nations by the planting of churches around the world through a missions cooperative.

We take a “narrow and deep” philosophy of ministry by sponsoring gospel work in NE Haitian communities. While there we focus on the following:

  • Care for the poor through sustainable self-sufficient living
  • Spread of the gospel through evangelism and discipleship
  • Biblical theological training to ministry leaders in local churches and community leaders in local villages

We also have sent individual members to gospel deficient areas of the world on both short-term and long-term assignments. Additionally, we are actively praying and working toward planting churches locally.

Simply put, the goal of our missions efforts is proper worship of the one, true, living Triune God.