Open/Close Menu We are a gospel-centered, Bible believing, Christian church in northwest, DC (Tenleytown). We believe the fullness of joy is found in Jesus Christ and exist to make disciples that delight in Him.

Gracious God, Loving Lord, Merciful Master, we worship you this morning. You are steadfast in faithfulness, slow to anger, gracious in giving, lavish in loving, all powerful and eternally good. Father, Son, and Spirit we rest in your amazing grace and goodness this morning. For the glory of your name and the gladness of our souls, exalt the person, work, worth, and wonder of Jesus Christ that our souls might be full. Holy Spirit, open the eyes of our hearts that we might behold the soul-satisfying beauty and brilliance of Jesus. Show us the hope to which we have been called. Give us glimpses of heaven, of eternal joy, that strengthens and sustains us even now.

Our Father in heaven, hallow your name, through Jesus by the power of the Spirit. Advance the gospel. Use this church to graciously, humbly, boldly speak of Christ crucified and resurrected. Grant us, Lord, for the fame of Jesus Christ, grant us opportunities to meaningfully share the gospel with those who believe and those who do not. Let us not be ashamed of the gospel, but eager to proclaim the excellencies of Christ – for this is the power of salvation for all who come to him by grace alone through faith alone.

We praise you for the faithful gospel witnesses here in DC. Bless Capitol Hill Baptist Church, GraceDC and Redeemer City Church. Grant favor to Grace Covenant, Redemption Hill, Waterfront Church, Mercy Hill, the District Church and Arabic Baptist Church. Use Temple Baptist and Washington International and Embassy Church to winsomely exalt Jesus.

Thank you, Lord, for the Treasuring Christ Together network. We praise you for the ways this network of churches seeks racial reconciliation and models compassionate care for the poor. Let us continue to learn from our brothers and sisters as we partner with them in fostering and planting health churches. We pray for Cities Church and Word of Grace in Minneapolis. Use the saints in these churches to make disciples that love you with all of their heart, mind, soul and strength and their neighbors as themselves.

We praise you that your glory and gospel are not limited to one geography or one people group. We rejoice that you are the God of all peoples, tribes, tongues and nations.

This morning we pray for the destruction in Puerto Rico. Grant wisdom to government officials and first responders. Lord, we plead that in your sovereign kindness, you’d get basic necessities to those that need them most. We pray for the families of H, N, T and P. Use even this tragedy to bring the good news of the gospel and hope of heaven to a hurting people.

And we pray for the political unrest in the Middle East. Lord, may peace abound in this region. Grant leaders in Kurdistan, Iraq, Turkey and Iran civility as they navigate century long disputes. Continue to give the K, F, and M families a great confidence in Christ and a peace that transcends all understanding. Use this tension and unrest to advance your gospel among Behdini Kurds. Let them see that true hope and happiness is not found in political liberation, but gospel freedom. For the glory of your name, Lord, continue using our church to bring encouragement to the workers on the ground in this area that they might be strengthen to continue faithfully proclaiming Christ in the midst of uncomfortable circumstances.

This morning, we also pray for our enemies. We pray for those who ridicule and mock us. Give us the grace to bless in the face of evil and not return revile for revile. We pray for those who think we are bigoted and unloving. Holy Spirit, give us words of grace and peace when we are insulted. And forgive us when we have acted with arrogance or pride. Forgive us for the times we have spoken truth without compassion, for the times we have desired to win an argument more than love your image bearers. Do not let our failures diminish what others think of Christ. Let us be a vivid display of the beauty and joy of Jesus.

We pray for those who persecute our brothers and sisters around the world. We pray for ISIS and the Taliban and Boko Haram and other terrorist organizations. Save these men and women. Turn these terrorists into trophies of grace. However you act, restrain the evil and wickedness these groups promote. Father, for the glory of your name, give the persecuted church strength to faithfully testify to Christ.

Encourage us with your word this morning. Pour your grace over us as we, molding us, not into the pattern of this world, but according to the world to come. We pray all of this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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Making Disciples that Delight in the Supremacy of Jesus Christ