Open/Close Menu We are a gospel-centered, Bible believing, Christian church in northwest, DC (Tenleytown). We believe the fullness of joy is found in Jesus Christ and exist to make disciples that delight in Him.

Father, we praise you that you are a God who makes wonderful promises. You promise life, peace, and joy. Father, we praise you that you are faithful to all your promises. We praise you that you have sent your Son to seal the covenant of your promises in his own blood, so that we may have confidence that, though our sins are scarlet, you will wash them white as snow. Thank you that we can have complete confidence in all your promises, including the promise that one day we will see our Lord Jesus Christ face to face in glory.

Father, we come before you conscious of our rebellion against you; conscious that, though you are the most glorious, beautiful, awesome person in our lives, we are prone to wonder away from you. We confess that we do not do your will; we confess that we often reject what you have said to be good and embrace that which is evil; we confess that we often ignore the promises of life that you have made to those who follow you. Father, we confess that though we know that Christ was prepared to go to the cross in the service of us who deserved nothing of the kind, we are often slow to lay aside our needs for the sake of others. Father, as we consider our sins, we are sorry for how little we pray to you that sin might not reign in our hearts, how little we cry out to you for strength to resist sin in our lives. We pray that you would give us a greater concern for obedience. Father, have mercy upon us, forgive us, cleanse us, and change us that we might have hearts responsive to your word.

Lord, we pray for:

  • Our elders: Nic, Chris, Kyle, Joey, and Nathan. Grant them wisdom, strength, and endurance. Protect them from the evil one’s ways.
  • Our CG Leaders: D & M; C & F; D & H; N & W; E & J; D & P; K & N; T & M; L & Liz; E & J. Grant them wisdom and patience to lead our community groups!
  • Our brothers and sisters: J & C; J & J; L; R; E; J & G; D & C; D; J; M & C; J & E; D; B; H; S; C & E; L; M & R; A & H; C; A; C; J; L; and A.
  • All of our parents, the soon to be parents, and all of the Restoration Kids workers: Thank you for them, and thank you for giving them this exciting calling. We pray that you would give them strength, wisdom, and encouragement.

We pray that you’d help us as a church think more carefully about you and your Word and that you would cause us to be a blessing to many others as we come to know and love you more. Lord, we pray that you would help us grow in grace and humility. We pray that you would help us reflect Jesus Christ well to those around us. We pray that we would be a church that is marked by gratitude for what you have done and by confidence in what you will do. Thank you, Lord, for the little taste of the international nature of our church body. Lord, we pray that we would continue to display your kindness and care in small and simple ways to the world around us. Oh Lord, you have loved us so much, and we pray that you would enlarge our hearts with love for those around us.

Lord, you tell us that we are we to pray for those in authority, and so we do. Cause them to use the authority you have granted them wisely. We pray that you would give them an understanding of how you have made all of us in your image, and teach them to seek those things which are good for your people and pleasing to you. For the leaders of our country, we pray for honesty and integrity in their work. In your kindness, we pray that you would root out the corruption and the brokenness present in the world we live in. We pray that the funds, supplies, and provisions that have been sent and that may continue to be sent for the relief efforts in P.R. to be used wisely and well.

Lord, we thank you for your Word. And, we thank you that we are able to read it as easily and readily as we are. We give you praise for the way that you have poured out this grace and favour on us. We pray for Nathan as he teaches us about scripture alone. May your Spirit be with him here this morning. And, let it be your words and only your words that we hear today.

Oh Lord, feed us by your word we pray, in Jesus name, for your glory’s sake, Amen!

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