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O Lord, we come to this table confessing and forsaking our sin. We confess our idolatry and vanity. We confess that we often seek ultimate pleasure and comfort apart from you. We confess that we look for ultimate happiness in our spouse or in unhealthy longings for a spouse. We confess that we look for happiness in money and material possessions, in illicit sex, or in getting drunk or using drugs, or in power grabs for personal authority.

We have been selfish and gossips. We have been prideful, anger and unforgiving. Forgive us Lord. We plead the blood of Christ. Give us the grace to not just be remorseful, but truly repentant turning to Jesus for satisfaction and salvation.

We praise you that there is no sin big enough, no shame deep enough to keep us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

We praise you that Jesus is the sum of Psalm 15. We rejoice in our blameless Savior who ascends your holy hill; who speaks only truth, even to his own hurt. We praise you that though much evil was done to Jesus, he did no evil to his neighbors, but instead laid his life down that he might call us brothers and sisters.

As we come to this table, give us a fresh understanding and awareness of this sin-shattering, life-defining, hope-giving grace found in Christ Jesus. As we celebrate this meal, we look to our great High Priest, Jesus Christ the all-sufficient Priest who died a criminal’s death. And we praise you that our Great High Priest not only atoned for our sins, but rose again and ascended to the heavens to make intercession for his people.

Use this meal to comfort the distressed; to replenish the weary; to call back the wayward; to clean the conscience of the shamed; to spur on the encouraged. We come eating and drinking to remember what our High Priest Jesus has done, is doing, and look forward to the great banquet feast where we will sit in the holy place in the presence of the holy One. Amen.

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